Is Izzy Hands Ed’s Abuser?

I wrote this in response to this post: Alongside the question of why are Izzy stans reluctant to consider this interpretation. I don’t believe the issue people have with the idea of Izzy being Ed’s abuser is because fans are unwilling to view Ed as a victim of abuse or Izzy as capable of being…

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Harm Reduction in OFMD Fandom: Izcourse Edition

I keep wanting to write something up about this, but getting stumped on how to even begin. Largely, because I already know exactly what bad faith arguments are going to be made off the bat, and I feel reluctant to clog down my writing trying to dispel every weird take about things I didn’t say.…

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I’ve considered why I like Izzy. So, what now?

It’s a question as old as time, or at least as old as the season finale of Our Flag Means Death: Why like Izzy when there’s characters of color so much better? And what does this reflect in our racial biases? White villains, white villains, white villains. Fandom is obsessed with white villains, and Izzy…

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