I’ve considered why I like Izzy. So, what now?

    It’s a question as old as time, or at least as old as the season finale of Our Flag Means Death: Why like Izzy when there’s characters of color so much better? And what does this reflect in our racial biases?     White villains, white villains, white villains. Fandom is obsessed with white villains,…

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Resources For Allies

Hello, this is a resource list I put together for white allies. This was a really basic list I made for someone a few weeks ago, but I figure I can upload it here in case others find it helpful! I’d recommend starting with the Youtube videos first before moving onto the articles. The first…

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Legitimizing Fight as Fandom

I can’t tell if fandom has gotten worse in terms of constant discourse fights, or if I’m falling victim to the bias of reflection. I’m fully aware that fandom has always been a shit show of abuse and harassment, and that there was never a time that everybody held hands and sang songs about peace,…

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