Resources For Allies

Hello, this is a resource list I put together for white allies. This was a really basic list I made for someone a few weeks ago, but I figure I can upload it here in case others find it helpful!

I’d recommend starting with the Youtube videos first before moving onto the articles. The first two articles are very basic ones and should be read with a critical eye and grain of salt. Definitely engage with the Combahee River Collective Statement as a primary document (and a crucial one!) but it’ll take a bit more time than the other articles to parse through.

Otherwise, the books are very useful and I’m especially fond of White Tears/Brown Scars. Read whichever ones strike your fancy or jump between them/chapters!

The movies/documentaries are basic historical watches not specific to white allies, but just really good history lessons. I love James Baldwin and I Am Not Your Negro and would highly recommend.


Bo Burnham and White Liberal Performative Art:

How NOT to be an Ally:


Why White People Freak Out When They’re Called Out About Race:

How to be an Ally If You Are a Person with Privilege:

The Combahee River Collective Statement:


13th (On Netflix)

I Am Not Your Negro (Can be rented on Youtube/Prime)

Black Power Mixed Tape (On Netflix)


How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge

White Tears Brown Scars by Ruby Hamad

Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations About Race by Daniel Tatum

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