Dedue Racisms Essay Further Reading

Some Notes from the author: This is a small starting point for if anyone is interested in reading further about race and writing. This is, of course, a pretty basic list, but I hope that it might help guide you in further research.

Said Dedue Essay can be found here

If you’re interested or have questions, my twitter is here. If you found any of this helpful or learned something new then I also have a ko-fi

Reading lists:

An Anti Racist Fiction Reading List

Black Liberation Reading List 

Joshua Whitehead (Own Voices)

Diverse Book Reviews


Beyond The Headdress

Native American Stereotyping

African American Stereotyping

Black Men in Media 

Effects of Black Male Stereotyping

Writing Characters of Color:

Writing With Color

The Danger of a Single Story

Casually Racist Things That White Authors Do 

How to Write Women of Color and Men of Color if You’re White

Western Neutral

Writing People of Color

Writing Poc While White

Diversity in Children’s Media

Why We Need Diverse Authors in Kidlit 

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