Harm Reduction in OFMD Fandom: Izcourse Edition

I keep wanting to write something up about this, but getting stumped on how to even begin. Largely, because I already know exactly what bad faith arguments are going to be made off the bat, and I feel reluctant to clog down my writing trying to dispel every weird take about things I didn’t say.Continue reading “Harm Reduction in OFMD Fandom: Izcourse Edition”

I’ve considered why I like Izzy. So, what now?

It’s a question as old as time, or at least as old as the season finale of Our Flag Means Death: Why like Izzy when there’s characters of color so much better? And what does this reflect in our racial biases? White villains, white villains, white villains. Fandom is obsessed with white villains, and IzzyContinue reading “I’ve considered why I like Izzy. So, what now?”

OFMD Fandom is so Bad at Race

Overall, I find the way OFMD fandom interacts with race, especially in regards to Edward, to be extremely disappointing. I’m saying this from the perspective of someone who is Black, but also as an outsider to Māori culture. I wish people would put in a greater effort to do research before commenting on how they assumeContinue reading “OFMD Fandom is so Bad at Race”

Dedue Racisms Essay Further Reading

Some Notes from the author: This is a small starting point for if anyone is interested in reading further about race and writing. This is, of course, a pretty basic list, but I hope that it might help guide you in further research. Said Dedue Essay can be found here If you’re interested or haveContinue reading “Dedue Racisms Essay Further Reading”

Dedue Racisms Essay

Intro: This is yet another essay about Dedue and race. Before tackling anything, I want to encourage people to continue engaging with the source material and how it interacts with racism. Critical reading is an important skill to develop, and the ability to look at media you love but still see the way it perpetuatesContinue reading “Dedue Racisms Essay”