Confrontational blogging

Thinking about fandom and the way I’ve been actually trying to be as nonconfrontational as possible on my separate social media profiles. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences in fandom rather consistently since I joined. I think it is partially my own fault since I am, in fact, a cunt. HOWEVER, I also think it’s very disproportionate from what the average other fandom members experience.

Here are the three areas I’ve isolated for fandom controversy directed towards me:

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Looking at old writing

(This is in relation to this post)

Look up to the sky. Clouds swirling. Gray invading. The illusion of frost creeps upon the edges of the sun. 

Look up to the sky. Birds migrating. Horizon stretching. Spread your fingers and reach. 

Look up to the sky. A balloon lost and floating. God is watching. Your hand is poised like a gun. 




You won’t die. 

Look up to the sky. Look up to the sky. Look up to the sky. 

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Dedue Racisms Essay Further Reading

Some Notes from the author: This is a small starting point for if anyone is interested in reading further about race and writing. This is, of course, a pretty basic list, but I hope that it might help guide you in further research.

Said Dedue Essay can be found here

If you’re interested or have questions, my twitter is here. If you found any of this helpful or learned something new then I also have a ko-fi

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Dedue Racisms Essay


This is yet another essay about Dedue and race. Before tackling anything, I want to encourage people to continue engaging with the source material and how it interacts with racism. Critical reading is an important skill to develop, and the ability to look at media you love but still see the way it perpetuates bigotry within it is vital. It’s fantastic that more discussions about Fire Emblem and racism have occurred, and I hope everybody continues to maintain these conversations with a game we are all so passionate about.

I hope to continue this discussion of Dedue by analyzing the role he plays in the story and how the writers’ perpetuate racism in their portrayal of his character.

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